October 7, 2014

Perfect Timing

Our initial plan (as much as these things can be planned) was to space out Nicki and Ziggy between 30 to 36 months which would have put Ziggy’s due date between January and June 2015. Then one evening while I was giving Nicki a bath I just suddenly felt so ready to have another child. Domingo and I decided the timing was right. A few weeks later Ziggy was in the making with a due date just a month and a half earlier than our initial time frame. Since then the timing has just felt so perfect. We couldn’t have planned things any better.

* There is a possibility (depending on when Ziggy comes) that between holidays, company issued paternity leave, and vacation time Domingo will be able to take off the full month of December to stay home with us. How wonderful will that be? Christmas time is our favorite time of the year, and we could get the whole month to spend together as a family of four.

* California allows for pregnancy related disability to start a four weeks before the due date. For me that means a bit before Halloween. I will be able to go to Nicki’s preschool Halloween party. That might not seem like a big deal, but I’ve been racked with guilt over my absence at the Mother’s day party. All us moms were invited for a special lunch. Out of Nicki’s class of 12 only one mom didn’t go: me. I was too new in my job, and too short of vacation days to get away. Her school posted photos on facebook. Every child was sitting in his or her mom’s lap for story time. Every child except mine, who was sitting by herself in the middle of the rug. Worse.Mom.Ever. She didn’t seem bothered by the fact that I wasn’t there, and I’m sure at this point it’s been long forgotten mother’s day just like I’m sure she won’t remember the Halloween party by this time next month. But I will remember.

* There’s a tax advantage to having a baby late in the year vs early. That’s because the dependency deduction and child tax credit are not prorated on the birth of the child. (Not that I advocate trying to plan your child around when it’s most cost effective, but if it happens to work out – hey, who am I to argue?)

* Speaking of financial benefits, we can take advantage of black friday sales to stock up on any extras we need for Ziggy. We plan to have most of the necessities purchased before she arrives, but there are some things that are hard to predict. Will Ziggy like being swaddled? Nicki didn’t. Which swaddle blankets will Ziggy prefer? We can take advantage of seasonal sales to help fill any gaps we might have.

* In the cool anecdotes column, if Ziggy comes as late as Nicki came, Ziggy and Nicki will be one day more apart than my sister and I!

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