November 2, 2014

Ridiculously Excited for November

It’s finally here! November! This is the month we get to meet our little Ziggy. There is an outside chance that Ziggy could come in December, but she’d have to be extremely late – later than Nicole! I think Ziggy will be on the later side, just not that late. I still can’t believe that I’m already 37 weeks pregnant! Time has flown by.

I’m doing much better about tackling my pre-baby to-do list this time around. I think it helps that I was working, and am now on Maternity leave so I feel like I really should be doing something if I am staying home.

So far I’ve…

  • Installed Ziggy’s car seat, set up the diaper pail & changing pad, and organized all of Ziggy’s clothes.
  • Steam cleaned 2/3rds the apartment, cleaned both bathrooms and the kitchen floor & cabinets
  • Moved the bulk of my domains to a new registrar as I’ve grown disenchanted with my previous one and they were to expire *tomorrow*
  • Purchased and set up the new hard drive as I am, yet again, out of space due to being a trigger happy momtographer

I’ve been rearranging furniture so we once again look like we’re moving with stuff all over the place. At least this time should be easier and quicker getting everything put away. I do have to assemble Ziggy’s rock-n-play, but that shouldn’t take much time at all. The crib will take longer. Thankfully we’re not planning on using it for the first couple of months.

I’ve also purchased the last odds and ends we needed for Ziggy. We decided to take a different approach this time around. With Nicki we started with very little and I sent Domingo to the store to pick up anything additional we needed. It was a strategy that worked well, given we had two sets of hands and only one child. This time I am also leery of cold & flu season. Everyone has had their flu shot, but the shot isn’t perfect, and doesn’t protect against the common cold. I want to reduce possible exposure, as well as have as many helping hands home as possible. I ordered perhaps a few more sleepers and cool weather clothes than we’ll need, but I wanted to be prepared.

And of course, because it is November, I’ve been monitoring the Black Friday deals. The leapfrog 3 tablet we’re thinking of getting for Nicki is already reported to be 10% off at Walmart. Once the news came out, Amazon immediately dropped the price. I haven’t snapped one up yet. I suspect there will be a better deal before the shopping season is over.

I also suspect there will be some home goods deals we’ll be interested in. Target has a collection of the OXO pop top containers that we really like. I have a crazy suspicion it’ll be one of their deals. I haven’t seen it before, and when similar products have popped up a month or so before Black Friday there ended up being deals.

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