December 4, 2014

Hello Alexis!

Meeting my little girl

Alexis is here! Like her big sister, she seemed like she was going to stay in my belly forever. Labor started with Nicki just after midnight on the day I was to be induced. I was convinced Alexis would be that way too, but she was even more stubborn. When I arrived for my induction I learned I was contracting every 2 to 5 minutes, they just weren’t strong enough to do anything or for me to feel them. The induction itself took a little longer than expected, given that labor had technically already started. Alexis must have been holding onto the walls.

Domingo and I have now been joking no more kids until we can figure out how to explain to them that it’s not a contest to see who can stay in my belly the longest!

At the hospital. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I cannot get over how much she looks like her big sister, right down to the same amount of hair.

I can already see a lot of similarities between the two and a lot of differences. Alexis has many of her older sister’s expressions. She’s had some phenomenal sleeping stretches (and some not so great ones.) Unlike her sister, she chooses sleeping over eating, and seems happier in the swaddle so far than Nicole ever did.

The girls had a great first meeting. Nicki kept saying “baby came out!?” while alternating pointing at Alexis and my stomach. We had been telling her for weeks that the baby would come out of my tummy soon, and then when we were going to the doctor to help the baby come out. I don’t think it was real to her until she saw Alexis in person for the first time. We gave Nicole a special Big Sister present, and Nicole enjoyed showing it to Alexis.

Nicole is having troubles pronoucing ‘Alexis’. So far we’ve had a ‘Lex’, ‘Lexus’, and (my personal favorite) ‘Necklace’. I was thinking Alexis’ nickname would be ‘Alex’, but I think ‘Lexi’ is going to win out.

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  1. Congratulations! I’ve been waiting for this post šŸ™‚ She’s beautiful, and I can’t believe they both had all that hair!!!! So lucky. I love the name — such a perfect sibling set, Nicole and Alexis. I like Nicki’s nicknames for her so far — Lexus is kind of cute! You never know what nicknames your kids will choose. My daughter is named Audra, and for the longest time she called herself “Audge.” She just recently started pronouncing her full name, and I miss hearing Audge šŸ™‚ She can’t say her brother’s name yet (Vaughn, she pronounces it “Maughn”, like “Jamaican, Mahhhn”). I think it’s the cutest thing. And I thought both names were impossible to form nicknames from šŸ™‚ Enjoy all those newborn snuggles!

    • Thanks! Maughn is an awesome nickname! My cousin’s name is Aaron, and for the longest time his sister called him “ion” so my aunt and uncle started calling him Captain Ion. Little kids’ pronunciations are the best šŸ™‚


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