December 8, 2014

Two of a Kind

I still can’t get over how I’m now a mom of two. In some ways they are carbon copies, in others as different as night and day.

Nicole at 2 weeks old, Alexis at 4 days old

That hair!

At the hospital I saw so much of Nicole in Alexis. Same jet black hair and purposeful, focused gaze. Newborns don’t tend to have either!

Initially Alexis completion seemed so darker than Nicole’s, but both skin tone and hair color seemed to start changing instantly. A few days in and Alexis’ hair is already lightening up, though in certain lighting Alexis’ hair is still the same jet black color as Nicole’s was for months. Her eyes are a shade bluer than Nicki’s but it’s only noticeable in sdie by side comparisons. I expect her complexion to change with time, just as Nicole’s did. Whether it gets darker or lighter is anyone’s guess. Like Nicole, I was born with jet black hair that lightened. Domingo was blond as a child and now sports black hair.

Just like Nicole, Alexis has amazingly good newborn eye sight. Nicole was able to focus on the ceiling fan over the stair case at just a few weeks old. Alexis appears to be able to see things at a distance, but more surprisingly is capable of tracking things with her eyes. This afternoon Domingo was talking to her and she was staring up at him. I walked over and started talking to Domingo. Alexis’ gaze slowly shifted from him to me! I hope this means girls got Domingo’s eyesight, as mine is pretty terrible.

Both kids even needed the same minor procedure for their belly buttons a week after birth, which is supposed to not be hereditary and only needed for 1 in 400 babies.

Two peas from the same pod… err belly, just two years apart.

Our (most likely) Christmas card photo

Nicole is doing well adjusting to Alexis’ presence. Nicole says goodnight every night to Alexis, and always asks where she is when Alexis is out of eye sight. She has even “helped” change a diaper by sitting by Alexis’ side and telling her it will be okay when Alexis was crying. As tiring as it is chasing after a toddler all day, and trying to coax a newborn back to sleep at night, I will miss this stage when it’s over.

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