January 29, 2015

Alexis at Two Months

Dear Alexis,

Another month has just flown by. If I had to sum up this month in just five words it would be “just the two of us”. Your Daddy returned to work from his extended paternity leave on the 5th, and big sister Nicki’s daycare resumed from the holiday break on the 2nd. You have been incredibly gentle on your mommy during our time alone together. You are so sweet, mellow, and undeniably a very happy baby.

I cannot get enough of this smile!

You continue to be completely fascinated with the world around you. Since you love your bird mobile in your bouncer, we decided to break out your activity gym this month. For now you mostly twist around to explore the toys around you, but every once in a while you kick or flail in their general direction. Daddy is convinced you will be an early roller, and now I’m starting to think so too.

Gym love

We’ve also been working on tummy time this month. It was tough going in the beginning, but the first time you managed to lift your head and survey the world around you, you had such a huge grin. Ever since then you seem to enjoy tummy time, provided it doesn’t go too long. Mommy doesn’t blame you. It’s gotta take a lot of muscle to lift that massive cranium of yours. Like your sister, your bobble head was in the 90th plus percentile at birth.

tummy time head lifts
Tummy Time head Lifts

In fact you are so good with your head control that at my postpartum checkup, just seven weeks since you were born, the nurse guessed you were three months old already! Do mommy a favor, try not to grow up so fast.

Love Always,
Mommy & Daddy

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