February 14, 2015

My All


I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, and having a wonderful spouse would be one of the top ones. We’re approaching our five year anniversary, and as cheesy as it sounds, every day I love him more and more.

He loves me for me, even my idiosyncrasies and internal inconsistencies. He cherishes my weird personality quarks. Every year on valentines day he buys me a small arrangement of flowers because he knows that even though I say I don’t like flower arrangements, I only mean it most of the time. He managed to make me laugh as the anesthesiologist was placing the epidural. He stayed up all night just to sit by my side and offer moral support when an unrealistic deadline set by my supervisor meant I wouldn’t be going to bed any time soon.

A while back, I read an article on love languages. I feel the most loved through actions (acts of service), especially when someone does something counter to their normal behavior. Quality time and words of affirmation are tied for second. Gifts are dead last. A token jester is nice, and extravagant gift is actually annoying. The year we got engaged, I told Domingo I didn’t want much for valentines day, and gave him a strict spending cap of $10. Later he told me how awkward he felt standing in line with the single flower and Hershey’s bar, compared to the other guys with giant bouquets and fancy chocolates I don’t like. Every other time he’s stood in that line he’s been one of those other guys. He listened to me, what I wanted, and didn’t let any feelings of awkwardness influence him otherwise.

He cooks, he cleans, he helps out with the kids, and he occasionally brings home a Hershey’s chocolate bar, just because. I’m so grateful that someone so wonderful fell in love with me. I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else.

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