April 30, 2015

Alexis at Five Months

Dear Alexis,

You, little miss, are quite determined to leave babyhood behind you. Last month it was standing with support. This month? Sitting unassisted. You started attempting to sit independently at around the four month mark. I remember trying to take a monthly photo of you in the rocking chair for your scrap book and you kept leaning forward, to the point of almost falling over. You refused to use the seatback for support. Since then your sitting has improved so much that they let you sit without being spotted by a boppy cushion at daycare. And I thought Nicole was an early sitter.


Sitting is just about the only milestone I don’t mind coming so early. Like your sister, you are much happier surveying the land at daycare. You hate being on your back or tummy when there are interesting things going on. Sitting makes your days much more enjoyable. Just remember, mommy is still expecting you to stay a little baby for a little while longer. Pretty please?


This month you started really laughing deep belly laughs. Mommy is even capable of getting some of those belly laughs (although Grandma always has the magic touch.) You love it when I pretend to nibble on your neck. You’re also enjoying your toys immensely, and are getting quite good at getting things into your mouth. We have to be extra careful these days since Nicole loves sharing her toys with you. She knows the way to your heart!

Love these baby blues

I know your personality will likely go through many evolutions, bit right now mommy thinks you will take after your daddy. You are incredibly easy going and adjusted to daycare incredibly quickly. This personality trait will serve you (and us!) well as there are big changes a comin’.

Love Always,
Mommy and Daddy

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