July 30, 2015

Alexis at Eight Months

Dear Alexis,

How did we get here so fast? We’re now 2/3rds through your first year. I still can’t believe you’re closer to first birthday than to the day you were born. How are we only four months away from your first birthday party?

My goof ball

This month we broke out the activity table. You loved to stand at such an early age, but with the chaos of the move I really hadn’t been giving you much of an opportunity to practice. You were a little timid standing again at first, but once big sister showed you the toys you were hooked. Like the jumperoo, your desire to play usually outlives your ability to do so. You refuse to let go, even when your legs start to wobble with fatigue. Between the activity table and your jumperoo, your little leg muscles are getting quite the work out these days!


After months of being quite content to sit and observe the world around you, you’re ready to start moving. You are moving now, but there seems to be a disconnect between action and intention. I have photographic evidence of you scooting on your butt when you get excited and wave your arms. You seem to know you have moved too, but are not quite sure how. You are most mobile at night. You are also all over the place in your crib. I’ll put you down facing one way and find you facing another in the morning.

Now, when there’s a toy you want that’s just out of reach, you’ll drop down onto your tummy. At first you’d want Daddy or I to help you back up to a sitting position, but you’re getting more and more comfortable staying on your tummy. We’ve even observed your rocking, the precursor to crawling.


Your two bottom teeth are just starting to poke through your gums. It seems like those two teeth have been coming in for months! We had a couple of rough days, but nothing a does of Tylenol before bed couldn’t help you with. I will miss your gummy smile, though you’re pretty cute with teeth too!

Love Always,
Mommy & Daddy

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