September 6, 2015

Momtographers Favorite Compliment

This weekend was my family’s biennial reunion. It was also our first trip back East since September 2013. In the decade that I’ve lived in California, 2014 was the only year in which I wasn’t able to make the trek at least once, what with the pregnancy and Ziggy’s pending arrival and all. We were so busy with the house that we were initially thinking we wouldn’t make it this year, but I was missing my extended family dearly.

While at my childhood house I couldn’t help but notice the big portraits of Nicki and Alexis my parents had up on the mantel. Two portraits that I had taken; one of Alexis’ six month photos and one of Nicki as a ballerina. I beam with Momtographer pride.

alexisportrait nickiballarina
When you take a lot of photos, you tend to have a couple that work together just by luck

I wasn’t the only one who noticed them. One of my relatives asked where I had them done, thinking for sure they must have been done professionally. Another made the comment to my mom that I had a second life as a professional photographer if my startup never makes it off the ground. They’re the best compliments a wannabe photographer can ask for. In their view my photography skills are pro level. If only that was the only necessary skill. Alas, there’s more to being a photographer than photography.

Part of the reason I’m able to capture such good images of my girls is that they’re comfortable around me and my camera. I can usually get a simile out of them and on those occasions where I can’t, I put my camera away for a another day. With over 107,000 photos, you’d expect at least a couple good ones. Professional photographers don’t have the luxury of unlimited time. The girls school photos this year were comically bad. I’m not sure whether it was stranger anxiety, but Alexis was having none of it. There are tears in her eyes in every photo. Rewind to the spring photos and Alexis is having the time of her life and Nicole looks like she’s dubious of the photographer’s intentions. Photography need strong people skills, especially around children, to put them at ease.

I am an introvert with only occasional extrovert tendencies.

I may not see myself as a professional photographer any time soon, but I’m still beaming that my realities can.

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