October 29, 2015

Alexis at 11 Months

Dear Alexis,

Pretty much as soon as I hit “post” on your last month letter you completely lost interest in crawling. Standing and walking was where it was at. You wanted to stand all.the.time. It didn’t matter that your little legs weren’t quite strong enough, you wanted to be vertical and you wanted to be moving.


That weekend we got your first pair of shoes. We were sure you would need a bigger size than your sister. We were sure you had gotten Mommy & Daddy’s latent tall genes. Your feet seemed so long at birth. I used to put them in the palm of my hand, heal to edge. Your toes would dangle off the other side. I remember Nicki’s weren’t quite as long to reach the other edge. You were in the 60th percentile for height, a full 20 percentiles above your sister. You’re first shoe size? Another petite two. And just like for your sister, they seem too big!


You weren’t quite sure what to think of your shoes the first time. You’d tug and kick and get one off as soon as I’d get the other on. But once you understood what the shoes were for, you were hooked. The second time I got out your shoes you did your happy baby dance and couldn’t wait to go outside. You will be walking on your own soon, I’m sure.

But then, just as suddenly as you fell out of love with crawling, you began to pick it up again. This week you are all over the place. You love a good game of chase, both as the chasee and the chaser. I can tell we’re going to have a hard time keeping up with you!


Daddy and I have not been very good at teaching you signs. Instead, you’ve been making up your own and teaching them to us! You use the pincher grasp and tap your fingers on your trey went you want finger foods (and it is most definitely the finger foods you want!) You remove your bib to signal your done.

Daddy and I like to joke that you are our little carnivore. In reality your an omnivore. It’s rare to find a food you won’t eat these days. We also started giving you a sippy cup. Until now you’ve been thinking of them as toys, now they’re toys with yummy drinks inside. Because you’ve been playing with them for so long already, you’re pretty good at handling them. I suspect we won’t have much issues weaning you from your bottles. You seem so ready to leave the last remnants of babyhood behind you. If only mommy was ready!

Love Always,
Mommy & Daddy

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