October 11, 2015

Another Round of Nicolies

It’s been a while since our last round of Nicoles I thought I’d share some more of my favorite things my favorite big girl does.

Mingo Clone

We started working on family names a few months ago. “What’s Daddy’s name? What’s Daddy’s last name?” Truth be told she caught on really quickly, but I continued to ask because I loved the way she pronouced it. For a while Domingo was “Mingo Clone”. Lately he’s “Ah-mingo Ca-lon.” Getting closer! She’s got her sister’s name perfected, sadly for me and my love of “baby necklace.” She generally refers to her little sister as “baby”, sometimes “Lexus”, but can say “Alexis” more often than not. Alas, I have never gotten a cool nickname from her.

Sticker Doctors, Owie Doctors, and Mommy Doctors

At some point down the line we started differentiating between little owies, and big owies. Big owies need doctors. We’ll warn Nicole not to jump on the couch, because she’ll get a big owie and need to go to the doctor. Around her third birthday it occurred to us that she was getting the impression the doctor’s office was somewhere she didn’t want to go. Oops. So we differentiated the sticker doctor, the one that gives you a sticker at a check up, and the owie doctor, the one you go to when you get an owie.

She loves playing doctor so one time I mentioned I was a doctor. She found it fasinating. So now when we ask her what’s mommy’s name she says “doctor” and sometimes “doctor Tyler.” I swear I’m not as title obsessed as she makes me sound!


I am sure I am jinxing this by admitting it, but here it goes anyway. Nicole loves to hold up her fingers to count, and she always defaults to 3 fingers, no matter what the context. I will tell her she needs to eat one more bite of vegetables and she corrects me: three!

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