November 30, 2015

Alexis at Twelve Months

Dear Alexis

I can’t believe it’s here, or how fast this first year has gone. This weekend we celebrated your first birthday. Impossible. The universe is playing a practicle joke on me. Surely it’s only been a few months.

Look Ma, one hand!

When ever we put you in the crib, we line the binkis up on the crib railing. It’s a habit Mommy and Daddy got into to facility middle-of-the-night binki requests. Well, you picked up a fairly ingenious way of letting us know you’re awake from your nap. You see, mommy usually does her work on her laptop in the den, just below your room. When you wake up from your nap, you stand up in the crib, get your binkies off the railing and drop them on the floor, just above my head. We like to refer to the sound you make as the pitter patter of binkis.

It hasn’t been uncommon for us to find you with multiple binkis in the morning. (Sleepy parents find it easier to give you new binkis than hunt down the one that’s been misplaced, hence building up a supply on the railing in the first place.) Lately we’ve noticed you’ve been requesting them less often, but still seem to have multiple ones in the morning. Yesterday Daddy checked on you and confirmed what we suspected. You woke up and decided to fetch your own binki off the crib railing! Mommy & Daddy much appreciate your self sufficiency more than you know!


You love butting heads and giving big, open mouth nibbling kisses. You love to take our hands to walk. You’ve developed your own sign for walking. When you want up, you throw your arms up in the air while looking at us. When you want help walking, you turn your torso away from us with your hands up in the air. It’s a subtle distinction I’m so impressed you’re making.


This past year has been such a delight to see you learn and grow. You have been an incredibly happy, patient baby and an excellent addition to our family. You adore your sister, and I’m happy to say the feeling is mutual on her part as well. She likes to give you toys (including ones you’re not supposed to have!) and loves to fetch binkis for you (also something you’re not supposed to have when not sleeping!). I can tell that you two are going to be quite the partners in crime.

Love Always,
Mommy & Daddy

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