November 1, 2015

Our First Trick-or-Treating

This year was Nicole’s first as a trick-or-treater, and our first in neighborhood with young children. Our town home was gated and secluded, the apartment complex full of recent college grads starting careers. We received one trick-or-treater back in 2012 or 2011. That was it.

Pausing only to snack on a piece of candy.

As much as it was Nicole’s first Halloween, it felt a bit like our first Halloween too. We were all excited. She counted down the days on her fingers. We bought another bag of candy every few days. For the trick-or-treaters, obviously.

Our big day went well, but there were a couple things we can improve upon next year.

Our Timing Was Way Off

Domingo and I weren’t sure when to start our trick or treating adventure. I remember spotting trick-or-treaters on my way to pick her up from daycare last year. That would have meant they were out around 5:30. Domingo was sure our neighborhood wouldn’t start until after six, as most of our neighbors don’t get home from work until then. (The fact that it was a Saturday slipped both our minds.)

We opted to wait until the first trick-or-treater stopped by our house: 6:20. We were in our costumes and out the door five minutes later.

By 7:00 all the “big kids” were out. Big kids as defined as bigger than Nicole. Normally Nicole is shy around other kids. That is, until candy is on the line. Still, she’d wait her turn standing next to the stoop while one group of kids would get their candy, only to be over crowded by anther group coming up the walk way. When we encountered our first group of highschoolers I decided it was time to turn in.

Next year we’re starting earlier. If some of our neighbors aren’t ready yet, that’s OK. They’re will be plenty of other houses to visit.

We had too much candy

Our home is on a Cul-de-sac on a hill. The slope necessitates the housing being a little more spread apart. The street below connects several circles of tightly packed houses on level ground. Our street is not prime picking. Not for an enterprising young kid who wants to maximize candy acquisition while minimizing energy expenditure. While on our way returning home Nicki and I encountered four other kids who warned us that there wasn’t many houses “up the hill”. They’re verdict: trick or treating on our street was only half worth it. Domingo handed out candy to 34 kids all night. Nicole and I easily encounter twice that during the brief time we were on the street below.

Next year we’re buying less candy. Or telling the kids to take more. One or the other.

No photos

The sun had set 20 minutes before we left our house and the light was already mostly gone. I was planning on bringing my camera with us, but as soon as I stepped outside I knew it would be for naught. I took 1 way under exposed photo, and 2 extremely bury of Nicole trick or treating at our own house, then left my camera at home.

But ‘No Photos’ doesn’t always mean ‘No Photos’.

This afternoon we dressed Nicole up back into her costume and went outside to play. I ended up getting some great photos during the golden hour, a happy accident thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Since it was after Halloween, I didn’t care if she ruined her costume having fun. Basically it was ‘trash the dress’, Halloween toddler style.

Next year we’re also taking photos. Duh.

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