January 15, 2016

We Have Words


I’m so used to thinking of Alexis as a baby that it only recently dawned on me that we haven’t had much in the way of words from our 13 month old. Oh sure, we had the “mama” (occasionally) and “dada” (all the time) but ‘da’ is such a key part of her jabbering vocabulary that “dada” refers to just about anything these days. “Da” can mean “give me”, “down”, or “I want mama.” “Da!” is her favorite response to yes/no questions, sometimes accompanied with a nod, but more often with a head shake.

Then, out of the blue, Alexis picked up one of the sponge balls and said “ball” clear as day. When Domingo came down stairs I told him about it, and, as if on cue, she did it again for him.

Check it, first word.

Or at least that’s what I thought.

When I told Domingo we had a first word, he corrected me. She’s been saying “here” when handing things to him, much like Nicole did. Well, shucks. When I told Daycare the story of Alexis’ pseudo first word, Alexis’ teacher told me she says “more more more!” all the time when she wants more food. Don’t I feel observant now.

So it turns out our little miss has a few words up her sleeve.

Then, while in the midst of her evening bath she picked up one of the toy buckets, held it up to me and said “bucket.” Well, really it was more like “bah-kit”, but I understood. Just to be sure, she waved the bucket above her head and recited “bah-kit!” Color me impressed.

There’s no denying it, we have a talker!

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