February 5, 2016

A New Look

It finally happened. I got bored with my blog layout. I have never really liked the narrow format, but stuck with it because I enjoyed the header photo. Nearly two years have passed since I had taken that photo and it was filling me with more guilt than joy. I felt guilty that I was using one child’s photo and not the other, even though the time stamp of the image was the only way anyone would ever know which child the photo was of. It felt beyond time for a change.

The new layout isn’t much different from the old. I traded in the blue theme for a mostly black and white one, and adapted my blog tag line to reflect changes in lifestyle. For now I’m header photo-less, but I intend to change that with a self portrait as soon as I’m able to find the time to play with my camera and get a halfway decent photo I don’t hate.

I’ve been experimenting more and more with my camera phone. The end goal for my business is to move beyond webapps and into photography apps for the phone. I’m sure that when that happens I’ll want to share photos more publicly than I’ve been doing. At the same time it didn’t really feel right to open up my personal Instagram account, with all those kid photos, to the public. I post kid photos publicly here, sure, but there far more selective and curated. And small. I never upload anything beyond a 400px dimension photo. No accidentally readable street signs in my photos! I decided to create a second instagram account.

Since I don’t have a business identity yet, the new account is sarahktyler. I pledge that all photos uploaded on that account will be taken from my phone. Hopefully some time in the not too terribly distant future they’ll have been taken from my app, rather than the native camera app.

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