February 15, 2016

Updating Playground Bag

Nicole took a misstep today at the park playground. She lost her footing, fell two feet and hit her chin. Hard. Fortunately one of the other parents offers us some of their ice.

Nicole hasn’t been most adventurous climber. She was always more of a slides and swing type of girl. It’s only been the past few months that she’s really gotten into play structures, and this was her first real tumble. It never occurred to us to bring ice. It’s time to update the “diaper bag” to be a “playground bag”

Here’s what we’re Packing:

Icey We bring water to the park anyway. Now we’re packing them into a small insulated lunch bag with an icey. On days we don’t need the icey, it will keep the water bottles nice and chilled. Given that it’s February and almost 80 degrees here, that should come in handy!

Travel First Aid Kid. I love upcycling. (Who doesn’t?) When we put together the First Aid Kit I ended up getting the SBR-10 10 Compartmented Box as well. It makes a great travel first-aid kit. I doubt we’d ever need anything other than the band-aids, but I’ve found sometimes making a big production of tending to the owie helps distract us from the actual discomfort.

Other things I’ve included
– Target brand antibiotic cream (comparable to Neosporin)
– Target brand topical anti itch cream.
– Non perishable treats. You know, for the really bad owies. (Mostly because there was extra space in the box and nothing else seemed necessary.)

The box fits nicely under the passenger seat in my car which means all I need to pack for the park is that lunch bag with the icy.

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