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March 4, 2016

Wouldn’t it be Nice?

Despite the fact that I talk about shopping a lot in my blog, I don’t actually like spending money. That doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about products that I might wish to own if only we had unlimited funds. Here are the products I’m currently thinking about.

Purple We’re not in the market for a new mattress. Our mattress started showing it’s age (15 years) when we moved to silicon valley a couple years ago, but a memory foam topper helped extend it’s life. I think we’ve got another 1-3 years before we’d need to replace the mattress (or topper).

Last month I saw a commercial for the purple mattress, I love the concept but wondered how it compared to memory foam mattresses, our previous dream of what we’d own one day with unlimited funds. I started reading up on the company and was really impressed with everything about them and their product line. The reviews were pretty intensely positive, too, and seemingly from people who know way more about mattresses than I do.

From their marketing material is looks like they have all of the benefits of memory foam, with none of the drawbacks, and at a cheaper price point. It’s definitely the mattress I’ll be leaning towards, when I’m finally in the market for a new mattress.

Dishes We registered for the Concepts Eggplant dishware set for our wedding. That wasn’t the smartest decision. The flat dishes have a fairly large lip making them hard to fit in most of the dishwashers we’ve used. They didn’t fit in our townhome dishwasher, or our apartment dishwasher. They do fit in our current dishwasher, but barely and take up so much space we can’t fill the dishwasher up like we can when we use my cheap plates from college. You can guess which set we’re actually using.

I really like this set from Create and Barrel. The problem? Instead of $50 per 4 place settings, it’s $400. Even with unlimited funds I think I’m too cheap to pay that price.

I’m pretty sure if I looked I could fine something similar if I look around. It’s not a particularly unusual pattern.

A New Camera My camera has had 147,200 shutter actions, up 40,000 since August, on a three year old camera that’s only tested up to 100,000 shutter actions. At some point my camera will fail.

What type is something I often go back and forth on. Right now I’m leaning towards the 7200. I like looking at the higher end cameras, but I don’t think I’d take advantage of their extra features. What I’m most interested in now is less noise at higher ISO sensitivity. A larger buffer would be nice too.

Edited to add: We tried purple, it wasn’t for us.