March 19, 2016

Three Weeks

It’s hard to believe it’s been three weeks since I last picked up my camera. Four if you only count photos I took of the girls (which Momtographer does).

Hummingbird tests the limits of my camera.
50% cropped.

Everyone always says there are fewer photos the second time around. I was determined that would not be the case for us. Taking relatively few photos of Nicole during the couple of months of her life was something I deeply regret. I didn’t want to have the same regret twice so I made a concerted effort to take more photos of both the girls. And so I dutifully picked up my camera every couple of days.

Once Alexis approached the one year mark, the pressure to photograph that fleeting babydom started to dissipate. I had been taking so many photos that I began to feel a little burned out from photography. The holidays were starting, my favorite time of the year, so I pushed through the burn out. I was determined to keep up the pace through Christmas and a little beyond. (I always seem to have a few holiday photos that were taken post holiday.)

I took a few park photos in February, and then just kind of stopped.

Whenever I realize it’s been a few weeks since I’ve last taken photos I start to get a little anxious. Most of our family lives so far away, photos of the girls is how they watch them grow up. In a weird way I kind of feel like I’m missing out on something. If I don’t photograph it I worry I’ll forget it. The only cure for that anxious feeling is to pick up the camera again, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes over the weekend.

Photography is a skill, and when not practiced I start to lose it.

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