May 2, 2016

April 2016 Progress and Income Report

I did it! I reached my first target, a dollar a day! Last month I earned $31.60, or $1.05 a day!

As happy as I am by that, I’m not so sure I can take credit for it. Compared to the previous period, I had slightly fewer users and roughly the same number of ad impressions. I can’t credit my apps with putting more eyeballs to ads. The only change that I made that might have influenced my ad revenue was updating the descriptions. It’s possible better descriptions have led to more interested users, and more interested users might be more engaged and more likely to click. Or maybe better descriptions lead to better understanding of the page and better ads. Or maybe I’m over reaching and it’s random good luck. Either way, I’ll take it!

This month I added three new apps:

Prime, Not Prime – Think of it as hot or not, but with primes. It’s a bit harder than I intended to make it. I rarely get more than 10 before I lose the game. Maybe I’m not as good with math as I thought.

Pregnancy – Week by Week – Most pregnancy calendars have a lot of filler like how big baby is, and how he/she is developing. Many of them have a separate page for each week. (More pages means more ads shown and more revenue.) While I can appreciate the usefulness of all the extra information, sometimes you just want a calendar you can quickly scan. This app is modeled after my favorite pregnancy calendar app which was sadly taken down.

Daily Miscarriage Probability Chart – I love the Miscarriage Odds Reassurer, but it’s just not doing well. I think part of the problem is in the way people search. I’m sure the query “weekly probability of miscarriage” is much more common than “reassure me about miscarriage”. The Daily chart is designed to meet the query & intent I think most people have. There’s a link to the the reassurer from the chart. It’s my hope that anyone who needs a little extra reassurance will find their way to the reassurer.

For the month of May I intend to focus on increasing my visibility. I’ve had a marked decrease in visitors to my Readability Analyzer in the past six months. Around that same time of the decrease, I move the ads above the fold by moving text below it. Maybe the change in text hurt my search rankings, resulting in the decrease in visibility. It’s worth looking in to.

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