June 25, 2016

Differet Indulgences

I sometimes think my blog must give people the wrong impression about me. One of my top tags is Black Friday. Heck, I refer to Black Friday as a season rather than a day. I have a category of post dedicated to shopping which I’m posting to a lot more lately as I try and set up our house. Dear reader, sometimes I fear you must think all I do is shop!

For the most part I think of myself as not very spendy. Or at least, not traditionally spendy. Unless you count the nail polish for the girls (they have 7 colors) the last time I purchased makeup was for my wedding back in 2010, and the last time I wore it was for my sister’s wedding a few years later. The average woman spends 15,000 on makeup in her lifetime. And then there are the clothes. How rarely do I buy clothes? Well, I didn’t purchase new socks until after the move I found myself down to just 3 mismatching socks. That’s not 3 pairs, that’s 3 individual socks! I didn’t replace my last pair of jeans until the seam began fraying in a rather indecent location.

I think I tend to buy more stuff for the house, like the carpet cleaner (recently used to get vomit out of the kids’ mattress), but I tend to go consumer research and aim for the best quality in low end models. Outside of major appliances like the refrigerator or washing machine I go cheap, and even for those appliances we went middle of the road.

Of course I do have my indulgences. I probably spend an average of $75-100 on new Christmas ornaments every year between in store and online. Since my first DSLR purchase in June of 2009 I’ve spent an average of $406.70 a year in Camera bodies and lenses. That’s not including backdrops, memory cards, and other spurious equipment which might come to another $20/year. My container budget is probably higher than average too, (I crave organization) but would be hard to guess an exact amount, though I did try once. My biggest indulgence is the kids. Just one look at the toys all over the floor and you’ll see.

I do spend a bit on indulgences, but (probably) not as much money as I project.

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