July 2, 2016

June 2016 Progress and Income Report

This month was an interesting month. Overall my revenue stayed above the $1/day threshold earning a total of $37.78, but my individual numbers were all over the place. I had one 7 day interval where I earned just $5.02 and another where my income was $11.34.

There were no new apps this month. I spent my time improving the existing apps, working on the new Adblocker Workaround, and thinking about new company names. That doesn’t mean I don’t have cool things to report!

My bounce rate on my apps right now is pretty A-maz-ing.


Starting from June 15th through the rest of the month I enjoyed an average bounce rate under 1%, average time on site was 2:33 seconds with 6.96 pages per session. Those are some pretty incredible numbers. Some of my apps do require a page refresh, but none of those refreshes are automatic. That means I have a pretty wicked insane rate of visitors to my apps actually using my apps.

In terms of app use, my Miscarriage Reassure and Miscarriage Statistics Chart are finally starting to do well thanks to getting a few mentions on reddit. Some of those redditers were so positive about the apps it took every ounce of will power I had not to create an account and thank them personally. Joining the conversation would probably not have helped the professional image I’m trying to cultivate. If by any chance any of your daily users made it over here, just now that I’m incredibly happy to have built something you’ve found so useful!

This coming month will probably be another slow month. We have family visiting for Nicole’s upcoming birthday which means I’ll be down a week. My idea well is also a little dry at the moment, so I’ll probably continue to focus my energy on coming up with a new name. The name issue isn’t technically blocking me, but lately it feels as though it’s the main element holding me back.

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