August 18, 2016

$10 Screwdriver is $10 Well Spent

I have been talking about getting “nice” screwdrivers forever. For years we had been using the cheep ones you find at discount stores. You know the time, $1.50 for a screw driver, or $10 for a pack of 8. They keep wearing down on me and loosing the grips. I mentioned the desire for good screw drivers to my dad and he asked me what constitutes “good.” I didn’t really have a good answer other than something that will last a bit longer. He figured it was better to just replace the screwdriver whenever it wore down.

No offense dad, but you are so wrong.

The playhouse was a bit of a beast to assemble. I started at 8 and didn’t finish until two hours later. In that process I sent Domingo to the store for another screwdriver because I was just so frustrated with our last remaining screwdriver losing it’s grip and dropping the screw in the dark. He came back with the only one the store had, which was somehow less effective than the one I was using.

Domingo and I decided to bite the bullet and and ordered a better screwdriver the very next morning. We went with a cushion grip screwdriver. If nothing else I figured it would spare my hand from some of the after-assembly soreness. I had one of those magnatizers so I didn’t think the magnetic tip was anything special.

That’s where I was wrong.

Today I re positioned the blinds I had previously installed. The magnetized tip was stronger than any of the screw drivers I had, and did a much better job of holding onto the screw. This was very handy as the blinds are not in the most convenient of places and it’s difficult to get the right angle on the screw driver. The cushion grip was much easier on my hand. I got the job done in half the time it took to install the blinds in the first place.

Will this screwdriver last? I don’t know, but the lifetime warranty does give me hope. Even if I’m replacing this screw driver every year instead of the $1.50 screw driver, I still think it’s money well spent.

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