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October 10, 2016

Strong Signals

Today I opened the https property view of and discovered this.

trend is getting more search result clicks than ever received, and the slope of the line is increasing faster than the slopes in graphs generated for Whether that’s due to the more professional name, the paramaterized site map, use of secure protocol, or just plain luck is unclear. What is clear is a very nice trend line with a very nice slope that shows no sign of slowing down.


That’s a huge positive signal that I should continue my business. Search engine result clicks nearly doubled in a two week period.

Another neat observation? For the first time there’s a clear weekly pattern.


The number of clicks I was receiving before this point has been small enough that minor fluctuations were clearly visible. As such, there was sometimes dips around the weekends, but dips would also randomly occur during weekdays, as would spikes on weekends. The more clicks received on a daily basis, the less influence normal variations will have, and the trend line will become smoother and smoother. The fact that you can look at the above graph and easily predict the weekends is yet another sign of how much the number of search engine result clicks has increased.

I find this trend line particularly encouraging because search clicks tend to be more stable than referral traffic, which tends to spike when a link in shared and die within a day or two. I do expect the steady increasing to slow down at some point, perhaps when the entirety of the paramaterized URLs are indexed by google for example, but I don’t expect the trend to reverse. I think I’m reaching the next level.

Grow little business, Grow.