October 1, 2016

September 2016 Progress and Income Report

It took about two and a half months, but things are finally starting to return to the steady state from before the name switch. In some ways, my metrics have improved.

This past month I earned $36.51, my third most profitable month! Users are up by 47%, bounce rate is still relatively low at 2.4%, and I’m starting to see some traction on my lesser known apps. I had my first stretch of $2/day (lasting 8 days), and my highest day yet ($4.03). That may not seem like a lot, but it wasn’t that long ago that I made my first non trivial stretch of $1/day.

The bump in audience came is a continuation of a larger trend that came mostly at the second half of the month, and appears to correlate to an increase in search traffic rather than referral bumps. I’m continuing to see an increase in traffic for the paramaterized URLs, so it looks like I have the addition of the site map to thank for the increased traffic. Google has now indexed just under 50% of my site, and my site has doubled in size since last month! Bing webmaster is still lagging way behind. It seems there was an issue with my sitemap index. I’ll have to look into it, but since Bing makes up such a small percentage of my referral traffic (likely because of the failure to index the site) that it’s a low priority.

Part of the reason my income is up is because the value of a click seems to have increased. If I factor in as many clicks as I got in May, assuming the same rate per click, I would have earned closer to $50. That may seem like a good thing, but the increase could be a result of the time of year (it’s almost the shopping season!) and may be something I can’t rely on.

There’s certainly potential to have some very good months if Google indexes more of my site, and if the number of clicks returns to normal.

This month I released two new apps:

Word Analyzer which provides meta information about a given word, such as syllable count and audience familiarity, and can get you insight into how use of the word may affect readability metrics. It currently tells you if a word is misspelled, but doesn’t suggest corrected spellings. That’ll be the next step. I also intend for it to offer more readable/less readable alternatives but that might take a little while since I’m currently lacking data. I went ahead and released this app before it had full functionality to give Google a chance to index it.

Time to Conception Calculator which calculates the probability of conceiving within a given time frame for someone of a certain age. I know, I’m working backwards. I started with the Labor Probability Calculator, then moved on to the Miscarriage Reassurer, and am just now looking into conception. It would have been wiser to have gone the other way! That way I could keep the audience I’d acquire as they moved though each stage of their pregnancy. Now I have to hope interested parties eventually find the app on their own.

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