December 15, 2016

Projecting Out

On the 25th of October datayze reached 10k unique users for the month. In November datayze reached the 10k unique user mark by the 19th. I’m projecting datayze will reach this mark early tomorrow morning. After a year of almost no growth, the past six months have felt incredible.

I spent this morning analyzing the data and doing some projections. The last four months have corresponded with a 32% month-over-month growth rate in users. Projecting out, I’ll earn 17 times more in the coming year than this current year, and by the following year I could replace my previous full time salary! And in a little less than five years, my monthly user base will consist of everyone on Earth!

Ok, the trend isn’t likely to continue that long. Making five years worth of projections off of four months of data isn’t mathematically sound. There are other variables that will impact datayze’s growth not accounted for in the last couple of months. For one growth will likely slow as Google finishes indexing the site. I’m also missing seasonal data. Still, it’s hard not to get excited. Still, it’s a very good sign for the near future. Growth will likely slow, but it’s unlikely to stop completely any time soon. I now have a better idea what works (and what doesn’t) and can be smarter about where I devote my energy. With a little luck I may yet make this pipe dream idea work.

All this growth does have a downside. I’ve become quasi addicted to watching my stats of late. I code with Google Analytics open, and find it difficult not to check a few times an hour. It’s the first thing I check in the morning, and the last thing I check before going to bed. I love numbers and these are easy numbers to love. But that distraction does interrupt work time. A morning spent making projections may feel good, but it doesn’t contribute to the bottom line.

Back to work for me!

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