February 23, 2017

Soon to be Kindergartner

One of Nicole’s School Picture Day Photos.

A few years ago when Domingo and I were picking Nicole up from preschool together we stumbled on to a preschool graduation. Nicole’s daycare shared a parking lot with three other schools and one of the neighboring schools was having a graduation ceremony for their five-year-olds out on the main lawn. The soon to be kindergartens were wearing caps and gowns, and marching in procession for their parents with their “diplomas”. I told Domingo how silly I thought that was, since the only requirement to graduate preschool is age. Domingo said I’d feel differently when it was my kid.

Okay, I admit it – they’re darn cute in the caps and gowns.

I registered Nicole for the big K today. In just a few months I will have a kindergartner. Kindergartner. It’s still feels so unreal no matter how many times I say it. Kindergartner.

I’m a bit sad that the girls will be in different places next year. Having them at the same school program has been really special, especially in the last few months. Now that Alexis is in the twos room, she gets to spend drop off and pick up time with Nicole’s class. That includes some outside recess time, as well as inside art time. The two of them really seem to enjoy having each other around. They’ll walk to the car hand in hand, ride the tandem bike together, and build together with the magnate tiles. Nicole invites her to play with all her friends, and Alexis adores the attention from the big kids. I love how much Alexis idolizes her big sister, and how Nicole looks after her little sister.

Alexis will miss not having Nicole around, but there’s no denying it, Nicole is ready. Her teachers have been saying it for a year now. She may be one of the younger students, but she meets all the kindergarten readiness criteria, and has for a while. She’s ready for the next chapter.

Nicole is very excited for the coming year and her new school. So far she’s most looking forward to riding the bus, and building her own rocket ship to take her to Disneyland. Apparently that’s what you do in Kindergarten these days.

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