April 24, 2017

1797 hours, 48 minutes, 24 seconds

April thus far has been derailed by illness. Early in the month Nicole came down with the stomach flu. After a few days home from school with Mommy, Nicole started feeling better but then I came down with. I’m grateful we were sick sequentially rather than simultaneously, but it meant nearly a week of lost work. Then there were the colds. I was just getting passed the mild first one, when the killer second hit. I lost my voice for nearly a week, and barely had the energy to spend any time out of bed.

Lack of progress is understandable when one’s been sick, but it’s frustrating nonetheless. Factor in the fact that Datayze has seen (predicted) slowdown in growth for April, the leak that caused our master bathroom to rain down in the living room (and corresponding hole the plumber needed to make that I’ve yet to have patched), and a general frustration of still yet not having the house organized after two years and you can see why I’m going a little stir crazy.

Today I opened up my Time Until app and realized I have a little under 1800 potential work hours left in 2016. Seems like so many, but I know from experience how quickly that time can go. I was also surprised to realize both I’m currently working 50 hours a week, and that I only have about 50 reliable kid free hours a week. I guess that’s why I haven’t had a chance to get the house where I want it to be?

My goal for the next 1800 kid-free, chore & work hours in order of likely easiest to likely hardest:
– Furnish all the rooms. Seriously the living room is still completely barren, and the playroom could use some kind of organizational structure for the excess toys.
– No more piles of anything, anywhere. Our apartment was never tidy, but I got to the point where everything had a place, even if it wasn’t in it’s place. I’d like to get to that place again. Aside from the master closet, the upstairs closets are pretty empty and there are piles of stuff in various corners of various rooms. I could just shove everything into the closet, but I’d really rather be organized about it.
– Get Datayze per day and per month user count up. I’d really like to have a minimum of a quarter million monthly users and a 10,000 daily users. That’s about a factor of five from where I am now, and corresponds to an average 23% growth rate over the next 8 months.

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