May 14, 2017

Mother’s Day Craft Fail

Does the above look a little… alien to you? Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at yourself.

I saw these cute fingerprint necklaces, and with mother’s day coming up I thought it was the perfect project to do with the girls. Simple, easy, beautiful keepsake. I even found the same set of nested cookie cutter’s she used.

Rather than paint the charms, I thought I’d skip that step by choosing colored baker clay. I wanted something with a bit of luster, anyway, and Micheals had “pearalized clay” which fit the bill pretty nicely. I bought several different colors to provide variety from dusty pink to a more muted rose. Why buy one color, when you can have multiple charms in multiple colors, right? That was a bit of a mistake with an almost five year old. Nicole was a bit over excited and a little impatient with using one color at a time. She desperately wanted her own necklace. My plan was to make a few charms with Nicole & Alexis’ thumbprints, but we had to do a couple Nicole & Mommy thumbprints just for her. Alexis, on the other hand, was a little less keen about participating, so we stopped after just a few hearts.

Four year old and two year old thumbprints are remarkably similar in size. And small enough relative to the heart shape that all I see little alien faces. Ah well. A little glow in the dark paint and they’d be the perfect Father’s day gift.

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