July 3, 2017

Forgotten Memories

Confession time: I Facebook for me. It’s wonderful to connect with friends and family separated by distance, but I primarily use Facebook as a means of keeping track of moments I’d rather not forget. I’m carefully choosing a handful of photos to represent the year, the funniest quips from my kids, the details that make my days special. It’s to the point now where my favorite activity to do first thing in the morning is visiting “on this day” facebook feature and rediscovering things I had long forgotten about.

Second confession time: Sometimes I stay up just a little longer than I know I should in order be awake at midnight and able to get another batch of “on this day” memories.

Some moments I have long since forgotten. I recently rediscovered a story about Nicki insisting on sleeping with her nasal aspirator. Even re-reading my facebook post I still cannot recall that night. Most, though, are memories that just need a little nudge to come rushing back to mind. Rereading my own words, and seeing my past photos I not only remember those specific details I shared, but I get to relieve those surrounding experiences and emotions. The trials and tribulations. I remember how difficult sleep training was how it feels to have a baby snuggled in the crook of my neck. I feel connected.

Science shows “even simple interventions (e.g., taking a few minutes to document the present) could generate unexpected value in the future…. Mundane or not, these memories were still part of their identities.” That’s not all science shows. Since our facebook profiles are often a carefully cultivated highlight reel, revisiting them can boost self esteem. Perhaps my facebook obsession isn’t as bad for me as I think it is?

I guess, as with all things, it’s about the balance struck. Taking a moment to reminisce is probably not that bad for me. Staying up to late and missing out on sleep might be a different story. For now, I’ll keep cultivating.

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