July 1, 2017

June 2017 Progress and Income Report

June was my first month of zero growth since Datayze was officially rebranded last July. It was bound to happen eventually. I’m trying not to be too discouraged. Comparing June to May I had a negative 2.5% growth, however if you account for the fact that June has one less day than May, then I had a positive 1.2% growth. I haven’t done a statistical analysis on the difference, but I suspect it wouldn’t be considered significant and I can safely consider June’s growth a wash.

I have reasons to be optimistic going forward. The second half of the month was stronger than the first, so there’s a good chance growth will return next month. I also earned $225, a 7% growth over last month. Although I prefer to look at audience growth as a metric of success, I’ll take revenue growth in a pinch!

Unfortunately the month of stagnant growth through a monkey wrench into my projections. I use time series analysis to estimate future growth. The recent past is weighted more heavily than distant past since it’s predictive power is usually stronger. Since the most recent month had no growth, my model is predict a drastically reduced growth over the next few months. That means I’m no longer on tract to reach $1000/month by December. Now it’s looking more like middle of 2018, which is also discouraging, especially since June marks the two year anniversary of starting my own business after leaving google. I just have to keep reminding myself that it’s okay for progress to be slow, the overall trend is in the right direction!

As for progress, it’s been a slow month in that regard too. We took a much needed family vacation. I have ideas for two new apps, one in the motivation category and one in the pregnancy category, but haven’t gotten around to coding them. I have been under the weather and behind on a number of things.

Here’s hoping for a more productive and encouraging July!

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