September 4, 2017

In Need of Nesting

When we first found out we were expecting I was filled with excited energy. I brought out all the storage containers of baby clothes from the back of the closet and started organizing, washing and fawning over how little everything was. I separated the clothes into piles, identified what we would keep, what was salvageable to be donated, and what did not survive storage. There was washings to remove old forgotten stains that somehow worsened over time, and washings with fabric conditioner to bring back the original baby softness.

This was all at the very start of the first trimester, when one is supposed to be over run with fatigue and morning sickness.

A few weeks later my energy dried up. The morning sickness hit. Not to worry, I still had time. The second trimester is when one feels the best, right? Last time around, while pregnant with Alexis and working full time I tackled our apartment, organizing old cables, bath toys, hair ties, making battery charts, battery boxes, first aid kids, etc etc. Surely that would happen again, right? It was strangely one of the things I was looking forward to with pregnancy.

Well I’m 22 weeks in, and that initial organizing of the baby clothes is all I’ve managed. The house is in disarray, worse then when we conceived. The house looks like I’m trying out for a new reality show called squatters. The closets are empty, the floors are not. I want to want to get organized, but I can’t muster the energy. Nesting was supposed to be part of the deal!

With just over half the pregnancy to go, hopefully I’ll find some motivation soon. If nothing else, to get the crib assembled and car seat installed so we can bring the baby home from the hospital safely.

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