November 2, 2017

October 2017 Progress and Income Report

October was an exhilarating month. Each week saw substantial growth over the past. First 5%, then 8%, then 10%. Overall October had a 50% increase in users compared to September! That’s the second biggest growth month I’ve encountered since starting my business! With an amazing month my projection model now shows Datayze reaching $1000/month by December! Holy smokes.

So where do I stand now? In October I made $512.07.

My time series prediction takes into consideration the past several months, so it’s estimating a reasonable 30% growth in November and December. The revenue component may be a little less reliable. It’s also a time series, with a seasonal component, but it’s assuming a similar demographic. This year is proving to be a little less profitable on a per user basis than last year, possibly because my demographics have been changing with the increased popularity of non maternity apps. Advertising rates may also be different. I noticed in the summer per user profits appeared to be lower. At any rate, I think my estimation may prove to be a little optimistic, but it’s nice to be back on track in theory. A more realistic expectation may be hitting $1000/month in January or February.

The switch in hosting was indeed seamless and not too costly. For the last couple of years I’ve been worried that my hosting costs will raise at the same rate as revenue, leaving Datayze (and, by extension, me) basically unprofitable. Now I can definitively say that is not the case which is a nice weight off my shoulders. I have quite a bit of room to grow on my current hosting plan before needing to step up once again, and the costs are well below earnings.

I’m still on managed hosting, but no longer shared hosting. This may help isolate me from future DDoS attacks. If nothing else, in theory I may be a priority since I pay more per month. That’s my hope at any rate. For now I’m not going to worry too much about it since they haven’t been a common problem so far.

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