January 29, 2018

Positive Thinking

It dawned on me recently….

I miss my bed, but I can’t beat that view.

My view

Don’t worry, the blanket is only there during nap time when I’m sitting right next to her.

Stairs are no longer proving to be the challenge they once were, but climbing into bed is still difficult and the bed too soft for me. Instead, I’ve set up shop downstairs on the cheap Ikea couch which is both low to the ground and firm. From here, I need only to look over at the rock ‘n play to see Dana. Best part? She need only to look over to see me! The rock ‘n play is too short when next to the bed for the occupant to see anyone who isn’t leaning over them. I like to think that she sees me, and knows I’m close to her, even in the middle of the night.

The ironic thing about this situation is that the old Ikea couch was never intended to be kept beyond the apartment. It was supposed to be a cheap stop gap, since we didn’t know what the layout of our eventual home would be, or what color would match the new place. All of our other couches are way to soft. This is the only place I can comfortably rest. I am always happy my frugal tendencies prove useful.

I hated the diet, but I love the results

My official weight gain at my final appointment was 5.5 lbs, less than any other pregnancy and less than Dana at birth. I’ve lost so much weight since then that she and I can now stand on the scale together and still weigh less than my pre-pregnancy weight. That rocks.

I may not be at full strength, but my family is

I feel like I’ve been shirking on my responsibilities. I’m no longer driving the girls to school/daycare, no longer picking Nicole up early from her after school program to do homework or helping with the bed time routine. And, it’s ok. While I’ve been recovering my family is still thriving. Domingo and my mom were able to work with Nicole so she mastered her numbers and sight words well enough to pass her kindergarten requirements for the year. She’s also moved up a grade in readers. I couldn’t be more proud of her, or grateful for my family.

It’s amazing how well things tend to work out.

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