April 25, 2018

Mommy’s Helpers

After a rough couple of nights I was feeling particularly exhausted. Nicole and Alexis were watching a movie and Dana was playing in her activity gym with Domingo. I had a rare opportunity for a much needed nap and opted to take it. As I was lying in bed, waiting to drift off to sleep, a noise caught my attention. I opened my eyes to see Nicole standing besides me. She was setting a mini charms lollipop on my night stand for when I woke up from my nap.

Ever since we brought Dana home from the hospital, Nicole and Alexis have been super excited at the prospect of being mommy’s special helpers. That excitement has not waned over the months. Nicole loves to bring me food and water as I rock the baby, to the point where she took it upon herself to bring mommy a treat for me when I awoke from my nap.

Alexis wants to do everything she sees Nicole do, happily fetching toys, burp clothes and diapers. She gets upset if we ask Nicole for assistance too many times in a row before asking her. She’ll throw her arms up around her chest, puff up her lowerlip and say “no fair! You always ask Nicole and not me.”

Both Nicole and Alexis come running if they hear Dana start to fuss. They like to help calm the baby by “shushing”, singing and dancing for her when she’s upset. Dana responds well to their attention, which both of the girls enjoy greatly. If Dana has a preference in this house, it’s not Domingo or I (unless she’s hungry. We like to joke that as far as Dana is concerned, my name is “food”.)

We do have to be careful because three-year-olds are not always known for their inside voices, and gentle hands, though she tries mightily, but Dana doesn’t seem to mind. I think she enjoys the attention, even if it’s a little rough at times and she’s effectively being tackled by a big sister hug. And it’s been very helpful for me. With my arms full I can’t always reach that burp cloth, and nursing mom is always hungry and thirsty.

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