May 16, 2018

Bits of Baby Wisdom from My Kids

“Baby only drinks Mommy and Daddy’s milk”

The girls have been fascinated (and quite frankly a little repealed by) the concept of nursing and pumping. One day Alexis asked me if I would drink the milk from her breast. I declined. She then asked if we could give her milk to baby Dana. When I told her no, she promptly decided that babies only drink Mommy and Daddy’s milk.

Alexis also likes to minic the pump, and run around saying “womp womp” while doing a little twist.

“Belly Button Poop”

Alexis and Nicole were both grossed out by the umbilical cord stump. Alexis determined that it was “belly button poop” and that belly button poop was a side effect of nursing. Once she reached this conclusion she determined that she did not want to drink milk from my breast, not now and not when she turns into a baby again. She made me promise.

“Too hard Mommy!”

I have mentioned before how Alexis knows to “soft the baby.” She takes it very seriously. Now she often asks to “soft the baby”, meaning to stroke the baby. She’ll ask to soft the baby’s feet while I’m holding her (since that’s what she can reach), soft the baby’s blanket or diaper. She knows it’s very important.

I have gotten scolded for being too hard when she observed me burping Dana.

And a bonus non baby related piece of wisdom:

“We need to know your number in case we are put in jail.”

We’ve been helping Nicole memorize her address and phone number. She decided the reason she needed to know it was in case she was ever in jail. I’m not sure what it says about my kids that they already know about their one phone call, but there you go.

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