June 5, 2018

Start of Summer

There was so much lead up to the start of the kindergarten – the start of school! – that is seems so surreal that it’s already over. Yet here we are. Summer break has officially begun.

This is the girls’ first summer apart. We enrolled Nicole in the summer camp program affiliated with the school’s after school program and I’m so excited for all the things she’s going to get to do! Each week the camp has a different theme and different set of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities to go with it. They have weekly field trips including amusement parks and going to the movies, and weekly in house events like magicians and bouncy castles. They even have a maker fair at the end of summer. Alexis is a little jealous, especially of the field trips. As am I!

Alexis will be eligible to join Nicole at the new summer camp next year, making the age cutoff by just one day. In the mean time her current preschool has a summer program of it’s own with themed weeks (also somewhat STEAM focused, though focused for her age group) and in house activities. They’ll also have a concert by a kids-oriented musical group, a puppet show, petting zoo and a visit from a reptile guy. Last year she loved holding one of the lizards. I think it was a skink?

We decided to keep Dana home a little longer. Initially I was planning on enrolling her in daycare in June or July, but I’m enjoying my time with my last itty bitty and making excuses why it’d be better for her to stay home. We’ll be enjoying our days filled with snuggles, songs and a bit of photography.

Of course we also have Nicole’s birthday in the middle of summer to look forward to, and all the associated festivities as well as family visits. Things are starting to look a better sleep wise too, and should that continues, we’re planning on a special road trip with the girls before the next school year starts.

Here’s to what will surely be an incredible summer!

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