August 1, 2018

July 2018 Progress and Income Report

July simultaneously both blew away expectations and disappointed. I earned $1,355, over double of last month and well over the $1,000 target I initially set for myself when starting self employment, but I also had a 10% reduction in audience size.

My initial fear about the increased revenue was the additional ad clicks was due to misclicks, unintentional clicks on ads. A bug in the new interface could move the ads too close to app buttons, causing accidental clicks. That would drive down user experience and hurt my ultimately bottom line long term. (Not to mention if Google thought ad clicks on my site were low quality they may elect not to advertise with me.) Fortunately, that does not appear to be the case. Revenue has been consistently up since the new launch. It’s up among all devices and across all apps, though Time Until saw a considerably larger increase than the other apps. I have also verified there is still a significant separation between app and ad on all major platforms.

My working hypothesis is it’s a combination of factors. Revenue up across all platforms and apps could indicate an update on Google Adsense: better ads leads to more clicks leads to more revenue. It’s also possible that with the new launch and interface tweak the html changed in a way that made the page more accessible to the google spider allowing it to choose better ads.

The new admin panel is already proving invaluable. One of the new features was a view that groups all apache messages by type – warning, error, etc – in order to make it easier to see what’s going on with the site at a glance. This has lead to the realization that visitors are using the apps in some ways I haven’t anticipated. For example, I was intending the name blender to be used with single names, like Sarah + Emily, but found some visitors were imputing multiple names, eg Emily Elizabeth + Charlotte Rose. I only detected this because the space caused a php warning message. It was technically working, but the blended names were a little wonky. The tool now handles this use case much better.

The new error log binning also helped me uncover a spelling mistake in a URL. Since it was a one character typo and I use automatic spell correcting on my 404 errors, the spelling mistake resulted in a 301 redirect message to the right URL. As a result, a human would never notice it, but it could affect web crawlers and therefore ranking & indexing.

Overall errors are down to 0.003 per user. About 80-90% of the errors are non-linking 404 File Not Found errors. This includes instances that are clearly probing to see how my site is put together, and possibly looking for vulnerabilities. (“/admin”, really? I don’t rely on security through obscurity, but at the same time I’m not going to make it that easy for you.) I’m not seeing any more message from Dreamhost about the server being unstable, but I am seeing some indication in the logs that Datayze is under heavy use and that can cause hiccups. Since I wasn’t monitoring the logs before, I don’t have a frame of reference for what’s expected given a site of this popularity. I plan to continue to monitor the situation. At least now it will be easy to switch servers should the need arise.

Finally, I launched Time Since, a companion app to Time Until.

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