August 3, 2018

Not What I Ordered

It happens sometimes. Humans make mistakes. Even factory run completely by robots are not infallible. When your primary shopping is online ordering, you’re going get a few mishaps.

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for exact duplicates of Nicole’s old binkies. I’m suddenly feeling very sentimental about them, and want a handful for my memory box. I have spent what feels like countless hours scoring eBay, amazon, and google shopping, paying upwards of $30 for something that originally cost me $3 or $4. (As a frugal person by nature, it kills to be spending so much. I try and reassure myself that at least these new binkies are guaranteed cleaned. Used binkies can get a little gross after a while.)

I have been able to find all but one – Nuk trendline BabyTalk. There’s a contemporary aqua/purple design, but I needed the older pink/purple version.

I found them listed on Amazon for $35, shipped. More than I wanted to pay, but the description was exact: Nuk Brand, Trendline Collection, Baby Talk Design, Girl Colors. The design was no longer being manufactured, making the binky effectively a collector’s item. This seller seemed to know that, and was charging the collectors price.
At least I would be sure I was getting the right one.

My heart sank when I opened the box. Inside was a pair of solid color, translucent blue binkies. Not Trendline. Not Baby Talk. Not girl colors. The only similarity the item I received had in common with the product listing I ordered from was that they were both Nuk Brand. I contacted the seller, who informed me that the design was no longer being made so the warehouse sent me the same product, just a different color.

Not the same.

The interesting thing about the exchange was the acknowledgment that the warehouse intentionally sent a different item rather than cancel the order when the order couldn’t be fulfilled. I had suspected that may have happened to me before.

Last November I ordered a new book bag shelf from target. Instead of a two tiered shelf they shipped a three tiered shelf. I tried to setup an exchange, but the two tiered shelf I wanted was out of stock. Some percentage of customers may have been happy with the three tiered shelf and decided to keep it, just like some might have been happy with the blue binkies, which would mean keeping the sale.

Back in September I was shopping for a kids’ white astronaut costume. A number of reviews on amazon stated they received the wrong size, but overall the reviews were positive. The costume was listed with multiple sellers so I assumed if I ordered from one with a good rating I was probably safe. I guessed wrong. The seller claimed they had a mistake in their inventory system, but it seemed odd that the same problem kept occurring over multiple months. A part of me wonders if it’s not intentional. A few of the reviewers mentioned being stuck with the wrong costume. For some customers it isn’t worth the hassle to return it. The seller offered me a partial refund if I would consider keeping it. I would not, but if enough people do, the seller make still be making a small profit.

For someone like me whose usually very deliberate in what she orders, these kinds of situations are incredibly frustrating.

Anyway, if you happen to come across the above binkies in your travels you will be my very bestest best friend for life. Don’t buy online. The same experience has happened to me twice, from two different stores. I no longer trust online listings for binkies.

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