August 30, 2018

Picture Parity

Even before Dana was born I knew I would put a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself to get her photos on the wall quickly. Yes, I said I wouldn’t let differences in the number of photos get to me, and for instagram or facebook it generally doesn’t. The photo collections on the walls, however, are ones we see every day. I wanted parity. Besides, some of the ideas I had for photo collections had very real time constraints.

Back in march I told Domingo I had just one photo left I needed to update to include Dana.

The family portrait over the fireplace? He asked.

Okay, two.

Your phone lock screen?

… Three.

Oh, you mean the-

Point taken.

Anyway, the “one photo” I was thinking of back then was for our entrance way console photo collection. I have one of Alexis’s newborn photos by the tree, as well as Nicole in the window, each in a similar silver frame. What both photos have in common? Both are naked baby photos, both inside, neither against a backdrop, and in both photos my kids aren’t looking at the camera. Coming up with a similar photo concept for Dana was a tall order. I especially struggle with non backdrop backgrounds in formal photography, especially especially in doors.

Since it had to be a baby photo, the clock was ticking.

This afternoon while Dana was napping I looked up from my computer and noticed it was finally overcast outside. That meant nice outdoor photos without harsh sun were a possibility. While these types of days become more common in the fall, they’re often accompanies by cooler weather which would make naked photos impracticable. Here we were, end of August and I hadn’t taken a single nice outdoor photo of Dana yet.

By the time she had woken up from her nap and finished her lunch the sun was drifting in an out of the clouds. I started to assemble my camera, thought better of it, and changed my mind again. True, the lighting wasn’t great, but Dana seemed to be in an amenable mood. What’s the harm in trying?

I’m so happy I did.

The sun stayed mostly at bay, and we ended up with some cute photos. Dana squealed with delight outside. She has never seen this side of the house before, and loved it. Best of all, I now have a possible photo for my collection. Maybe I’ll come up with a better photo idea, one inside the house that better matches the photos of Nicole and Alexis. If not, at least I have this one.

This summer I replaced the picture of the mantel with a new family photo. Between my home screen and lock screen the kids each appear the same number of times on my phone. It’ll tide me over until I get a good portrait oriented photo of all three girls that fits the phones dimensions.

I’ve achieved parity.

Well, with one exception.

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