Archive for November 1st, 2018

October was a month of tepid gains.

Income wise, I earned $1,022.07, down just $72 from September. The difference appears to be that October’s revenue remained consistent at the lower, post second-week-in-September rate, whereas September had one good week before income dropped. I’m still disappointed that revenue dropped in the first place, but the good news is that revenue isn’t dropping further.

In terms of engagement, users were up 8.6% in October. October’s gains, combined with September’s and August’s were enough to finally overcome the loss of audience size that started back in May. Comparing comparable time periods (both starting the same day of the week, and counting the same number of days), Audience size in October is just four tenths of a percent down from April, which is within the noise.

It’s not all good news when looking at audience size, however. While October and April’s overall audience sizes were comparable, per day rates were not. On average there were fewer users per day in October than per day in April, which could indicate a lower retention rate in October. Diving in with Google analytics it appears April users were more likely to return quickly, within 0-4 days. I’d really like to investigate this further, and get a sense of why users might not be coming back as frequently as they once were. It looks like a different breakdown in app popularity could explain the difference, but I’d like to be sure there isn’t some larger issue lurking.

This month I’ve been working on bug fixes, interface design and user experience.

At the end of September I was alerted that mobile-first indexing was now enabled for datayze. I knew it was coming, and was already pretty pleased with my current approach to mobile. One area of concern still is browser resizing. Each app interface is great if you’re on a mobile screen, or a desktop screen, but if you grow from the former to the later, or shrink from the later to the former, sometimes things can get a little wonky. It’s not a common case, but one that should be addressed just the same.