Copyright Notice

© Copyright 2010-2013 by Sarah K Tyler.
Copyrighted material includes all blog posts, photos & images.

In general I do not allow my work to be redistributed without prior permission. Prior permission is always required when redistributing photos with a face. For photos without faces prior permission is not required in the following situations:

  1. Accompanying a link to my blog – When posting a link to pinterest, facebook or another website like a personal blog you may use an image from my website. Your primary intention must be to provide a visual link to my blog or a blog post, not to post the image. Posting an image taken from because it matches your blog content and providing a link back to is not permitted.
  2. Providing commentary on my blog, blog post, or projects – When discussing one of my blog posts, or the content of my blog you may accompany the discussion with a photo, image or snippet of text from For example, if you wanted to write a critique of my DIY maternity photography tips, or how well they worked for you, you have my permission to use my DIY maternity photos for your post. Your commentary is not required to be positive for this grant to hold.
    Please note, proper attribution is required. The photo or image must be accompanied with a link to, or the specific post you are discussing and cannot be altered. Additionally, you are limited to a reasonable number of photos in order to make your point. If you need a photo/image in a different size or altered, please submit a request.

Under no circumstances may you (1) directly profit from my work, (2) post an image or snippet without proper attribution and a backlink to or (3) hotlink from my blog.

I reserve the right to change this copyright notice at any time and without prior notice. I also reserve the right to revoke or grant permission on a case by case basis.

When in doubt (or to request an exception), ask! The worst that can happen is I say no.

I understand that in the digital age innocent mistakes happen. If I notice my copyrighted material is on your website without permission my first recourse will be to contact you directly. If the issue is not resolved within 3 days (72 hours) or I cannot find a way to contact you, I will file a DMCA take down request of the copyrighted material.



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