About Sarah

As the title of my blog would imply, my name is Sarah Tyler.

I am a computer geek. I’ve been on the net tinkering with JavaScript and HTML since early ’96, but didn’t really get into computing until ’99. I like to write code that writes code. I’m an applications kind of gal, with a mathematical and statistics background who codes on the weekends for fun. Or at least I did before I became a mom and lost all semblance of free time. I earned my undergraduate degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University, and my PhD from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Some of my other geeky cred includes writing my own blogging software, web crawler and search engine (all no longer used) and my model of labor probabilities.

I like nice things, but not as much as I love to save money. I am a notorious penny pincher in my family. I used to be the kind of person who would buy the absolute cheapest of what ever I needed. I’ve mellowed a little since meeting my husband. He’s shown me that quality is sometimes worth paying for. After all, if I’m replacing something every year, I’m not really saving money, am I? These days I’m more of a bargain hunter, I love the thrill of the hunt for a good deal. I still never pay retail if I can avoid it.

I like to think of myself as a ‘do-it-yourself’er and crafter. I like the personalization and sense of accomplishment that comes from the do-it-yourself approach, and have worked on many projects from our wedding to our home. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in any specific craft, though. Unlike my mom, the counter cross stitcher, and my mother-in-law, the knitter, I don’t have a particular hobby I prefer. I try out new crafts until I get good (or at least until I don’t suck as much), finish my project and then move on to the next craft to try.

I like to think of myself as the eccentric scientist in training. I tend to think I’m fairly easy going, and friendly. Sometimes I’m a bit silly, and absent minded despite my best efforts. I’ve been known to lose my glasses on my forehead, and my keys in my hand. Wasn’t Albert Einstein forgetful too? My ultimate blonde moment, though, was locking myself out on the patio of my old third floor apartment, in my PJs, with the shower running. True story. Thankfully I wasn’t locked out for long. I popped the screen door out of place and solved that problem.

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