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December 8, 2013

Milk and Cookies by the Tree

What do you mean “Santa’s?”

I’ve loved the idea of a milk and cookies in front of the Christmas tree photo ever since coming across this photo. I think these were some of Nicki’s favorite photos too, for obvious reasons. I’ve been trying to do more of these kinds of photos, technically formal in the sense that I planned the photo right down to the Christmas PJs and pig tails, but the could have been spontaneous. So far my strategy is to set the scene, typically during nap time, and let her do her own thing.

We have never given her sugar cookies before. Outside her birthday party and cake smash, we have never given her frosting. Me thinks someone has had frosted sugar cookies at day care because she knew just what to do with those cookies! Frosting first! And, oh boy, did she attack the frosting. It went everywhere! You can’t really see it in the small photo above, but she actually has green frosting over her left eye brow.

I can’t get over how big she’s getting. It seems like just last weekend she was my bitty baby, and now she’s a little girl. It all goes by way to fast.

Material Costs
Cookies – Target ($3? Domingo bought them when he was at the store.)
PJs – Target pre black friday sale ($10).
Total Cost: ~$13

Take 2, two weeks later (12/22) with the presents and stockings. Mommy does better with practice, and Nicki doesn’t mind obliging mommy. Add another $3 for more cookies, but totally worth it.

Forgive me, I’ve had a bit of an adrenaline crash after moving, defending and starting a new job. My intention was to be completely unpacked before starting work on Monday (ha! We’re still no where near unpacked), and finished my final version of my thesis (also didn’t happen, but I’m still waiting on feedback from one member). I think I managed one box since Monday.

These were taken at the beginning of October, before our house and apartment both started resembling something out of hoarders.


Supergirl stands for Truth, Justice, and the rights of toddlers everywhere to refuse naps


We purchased the shoes thinking they would double as holiday shoes. The photos here are out of order, the last one was actually taken first. Nicki was having a hard time walking in the shoes on the backdrop, so we nixed them.

Normally Nicki loves her dress-up for a photo time. The skirt and pearls she couldn’t get enough of! This time she wasn’t as into it. I think it was the tulle skirt she didn’t like. In the past she’s loved the skirts that were soft and flowy. The tulle doesn’t move the same way; it’s scratchy.

We had a fairly good idea that she’d like the fan (super girl needs a breeze in the hair and the cape!) and we got quite a few smiles with it. Once the novelty of the fan wore off, we were done with picture time. There weren’t as many cute photos this time around. I am tempted to get another super girl custom, one without a tulle skirt, in an after Halloween sale and take a few more photos. I can be forgiven for doing ‘Halloween’ photos in November, given everything that’s going on, right? Of course, with the holiday’s coming up, I’m sure there will be no shortage of photo opportunities!

Material Costs
Shoes (Target) – $10, originally $12.95
Outfit (Target) – $18.00
Backdrop (Joann’s) – $9 (50% off!)
Ribbon for Hair – $3.25
Total Cost: $40.25, but we can reuse the outfit for pretend play and the shoes are pretty basic and can do with just about anything.

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