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Side Note: I know talking about Money is typically taboo, but I hope you’ll forgive me anyway. Since we’re talking about really small sums of money (under $10 total) I figure it’s probably not too offensive a topic. I also personally find the topic of blogging income fascinating, and I’m sure someone out there does as well. I pledge to be as open and honest on this topic as I can, as allowed by the terms of service that I’ve agreed to.

Six months ago, on my one year blogiversery, I mentioned I pipe dream of one day supplementing my grad school income with revenue from my blog. To be honest, I never did and still don’t expect it to happen. At that time, however, I had already earned a dollar. Now, that I have a few more data points the math geek in me couldn’t help but crunch some numbers.

The first thing I did was plotted my total revenue and fitted a trend line.

That’s a quadratic trend line with an R2 of .947 (which is statistical speak for the trend line matches the data fairly well).

Using the trend line I see it will take 24 years before I have a profitable year, meaning in 24 years I can expect the ad revenue to equal the cost of the webhosting and domain purchase for just one year. It’ll take an additional 25 years until I’m out of the red completely. Yes, it will take a predicted 50 years from the day I first installed wordpress before I recoup the costs of blogging. Guess I won’t break out the Champaign anytime soon.

On the other hand, in just 615 years I’ll be a millionaire, and in 861 years I’ll be a multimillionaire.

Since the amount of revenue is so small, I really can’t do much analysis of what types of content generates the most revenue for this blog. I can see that my visitors appear to be mostly internet searchers looking for answers to questions or general information, and not specifically for me. The most common search key words and phrases that lead to my blog include ‘do it yourself’ and ‘diy’.

Term cloud of keyword searches for my blog last month

In terms of content, the do it yourself maternity photography posts seem to be the most popular, although they will soon be eclipsed by the newborn photography posts. According to google analytics, the maternity pages have the lowest bounce and exit rate of any of the popular entrance points. Visitors who view those posts are more likely to also read other posts on my blog. Dare I hope that this means some of you out there like my photography? Or at least prefer it to my other content?

While I don’t have much in the way of repeat visitors, the traffic to my blog is increasing. The monthly number of visitors has increased 226% over this time last year. (Of course there were no maternity nor newborn DIY photography posts at this time last year!)

I will have to find more adorable subjects to photograph so that I can retire before I’m 640ish. Either that, or convince Domingo we want a really large family.

February 24, 2012

One Year Blogiversary

One year ago I made the plunge from my own home grown blogging software to WordPress. At the time I was at a cross roads with my website. I wanted to preserve what I had built as a teenager, but the old website no longer ‘fit’ me. After much back and forth, I decided to give WordPress a try.

It’s been an exciting year, one I’m very happy to have the chance to blog about. Over the summer I had an internship at Bing in Seattle, which meant spending the summer away from my husband. Of course, there’s the exciting news of our pregnancy, something I have been waiting for for so long. I was also pinned on pinterest, which I’m still over the moon about! I love looking back at the highlights.

So far I don’t think I have any regular readers. I hope that changes one day. I’ve had some good advice, both over email and comments about the cake pops, and I know some you have great crafting/travel/saving tips, and I’d love to hear them!

While the change to wordpress has been great in general, there’s one thing that annoys me. I often go back over old entries and fix typos. (I’m dyslexic so there are always quite a few.) Each time I re-edit a blog post all the back links get updated to reflect the date of the edit, not the date of the first post. I guess it makes sense, since the first edition may not have had the reference, but I’d rather pretend the typos never existed.

Interestingly, I’ve gotten three requests for advertisers wanting to buy ad space on certain posts. Three! I’ve turned them down. Sure it would be nice to supplement (or replace!) my grad school stipend with revenue from my blog, but I’m missing the two most important features for a blog from an advertiser’s perspective: an audience and a clear focus. Since so much of my blog is about saving money, I’m also not sure how accepting specific advertisements will affect my credibility. Also, I’m pretty sure these offers were spam and not legitimate requests for ad placement.

I may revisit the idea of accepting advertising or sponsorship sometime in the future, but for now I think I’ll stick with Amazon’s Affiliate Program and Google AdSense. After a year of blogging, I’ve earned a full dollar!

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